It is excellent at ride comfort and is fun

It grew on to have played a musical instrument by a hobby, and a friend was able to do it.
So I do a concert in entering facilities of the advanced age or other social welfare facilities using spare time although being small.
Because it is a volunteer, it is free, but is worthwhile because I listen with pleasure.
The friends were increasing year by year, and the kind of the musical instrument became abundant, too.
So as far as the performance repertory is glad to increase, too.
However, a problem occurred and did it how it carried a musical instrument.
Because there is the large musical instrument, scrupulous attention is necessary to be never damaged.
So it was the same performance friend that it owned a truck to have started a help ship.
Anything seems to usually drive the truck by work well, and this is reliable.
So I decided to fawn on the words because I said that all the future musical instrument transportation entrusted it.
The kind of the truck seems to be Dyna of Toyota and I heard it for the first time, but am considerable force when I look at the real thing.
The place to put baggage on was very firm, and there was considerably an area than I imagined it.
It was solid-looking, and there was security even if I piled up large musical instruments if this was all right.
I get on the seat next to the driver and experienced the first truck, but am not still forgotten excitement たるや.
There was indescribable pleasure.
Of course you must have you perform the driving carefully, but were the first experience that a truck was so comfortable, and there was the pleasure.
On a Dyna truck of Toyota, all the transportation of the musical instrument has it in entrusting you from now on.